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Lizette V. Epps, MBA, CUDE

Director of Impact and Engagement, Visions Federal Credit Union

Lizette Epps is the Director of Impact & Engagement for Visions Federal Credit Union as well as the Founder of Breadth of Hope LLC, a Career Services Consultancy firm located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. She is a proud MBA graduate of the University of Phoenix. 

She is an experienced, award-winning businesswoman with decades of success under her belt in creating process improvements, being an agent of change, and building a fulfilling career in both the public and private sector.  She is an influential community advocate with an unwavering commitment to ensuring positive change and standing for social justice for all.  

Berks Latino Workforce Development

Our focus is on education and workforce development that leads to household self-sufficiency. When a family is able to be self-sufficient, they rise out of the cycle of poverty, empowering generations onward and enriching the fabric of our communities.

Berks Latino Workforce Development

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