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Tec Centro Berks Names New Board Chair

Lizette Epps has been named the new Board Chair of Tec Centro Berks, which consists of nine diverse and influential leaders who aim to drive the mission and vision of the organization, which provides community-based bilingual workforce development to serve those that are unemployed and underemployed.

Epps is a highly accomplished, award-winning business professional and community advocate who has dedicated her career to the fields of procurement, credit union development, and non-profit management. She currently serves as Executive Director of Financial Services and Internal Operations at Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute, where she is a forward-focused financial expert fueling economic development in our region. With her expertise and passion, she has made a significant impact in promoting financial empowerment and social change.

As a Certified Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), Epps has played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of credit unions and fostering financial inclusivity. Through her extensive knowledge and experience, she has worked tirelessly to establish and strengthen credit unions in various communities, providing accessible and sustainable financial services to underserved populations. Epp’s advocacy and dedication have empowered individuals and communities to overcome financial challenges and achieve economic stability.

In addition to her contributions to credit union development, Epps is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) who excels in non-profit management. Her strategic insights and expertise have helped numerous non-profit organizations maximize their impact and create positive change. Through her leadership and collaborative approach, Epps has transformed organizations, ensuring their long-term sustainability and enabling them to fulfill their missions effectively. Her commitment to social causes, combined with her exceptional skills, make her a trusted and respected figure not only in the non-profit sector but community-wide.

Epps is a dynamic professional who is passionate about financial empowerment, cooperative economics, and social justice. Her 28 years of business expertise and dedication to historically underserved communities have made a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities as she continues to drive positive change across the region.

“With a shared commitment to empowering individuals and fostering economic growth, I look forward to working with our new Board Chair to chart a course of growth and progress for our organization. Liz brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our mission, and we are excited to have her guidance and leadership as we continue our mission to positively impact the lives of the residents of our Berks County community,” said Violet Emory, Executive Director of Berks Tec Centro.

Berks Tec Centro, also referred to as Berks Latino Workforce Development Corporation (BLWDC), was originally established in 2018 and has grown steadily and significantly through collaborative efforts with the city of Reading Community Development Department and local non-profits to support residents and local businesses to improve the region’s socioeconomic health. All occupational training programs offered by Berks Tec Centro allow participants to obtain role-based training and advanced certifications but also concurrently bridge participants to either English as a Second Language (ESL), high school equivalency, soft skills, job readiness, professional development, and college readiness. Learn more by visiting:

Berks Tec Centro is part of the Tec Centro Workforce Network, which is a coalition of all the regional bilingual community-based Tec Centro Workforce Centers. Their collective goal is to serve populations that are disproportionately disadvantaged in third-class cities in Central Pennsylvania, with a heavy concentration of residents who face barriers related to bilingual education, skills training, and job placement. And in working to proactively address and break down these barriers, the network provides the tools and opportunities for a way out of poverty. Learn more by visiting: